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Nice easy protection.
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Timothy Nolan
Nov 4, 2009
Nice easy protection.  
James Schroeder
Sauk County, WI
James Schroeder   Sauk County, WI  
If one really wanted to be a stickler for detail. Technically speaking the cinching hitch doesn't actually weaken the sling any more than a regular girth hitch - it does however increase the force on the "pulley" end of the sling. In a frictionless world it would create a 2-1 pulley system thereby making the effective strength of the sling half it's "normal" girth-hitched strength.

Is that a sufficient explanation Andy? ;-) Jun 13, 2011
Andy Hansen
Longmont, Colorado
Andy Hansen   Longmont, Colorado
Half the people can be part right all of the time but not all the people can be all right all of the time. Abraham Lincoln said that. Jun 3, 2011
Chris treggE
Madison, Beersconsin
Chris treggE   Madison, Beersconsin  
Lie!!! You made that up. It's more like 95%.

I'd fall on that, but if I did I would quit climbing immediately in shame for falling on a 5.4. Jun 3, 2011

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Nice easy protection.