Photo beta for the "Standard Bulge (V5-6)."
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Luke Childers
Aug 26, 2009
Photo beta for the "Standard Bulge (V5-6)."
Apologies all, "Hit Hard Tactics" in this photo was by accident placed on the wrong side of the boulder. It's actually on the creek side arete and is the stand start to "Surface Tension." I will fix the photo A.S.A.P. Aug 26, 2009
I always thought the line you listed was another 8/9.

best regards,

Andrew Sep 3, 2009
The line where I put "Hit Hard Tactics" as a mistake is probably and 8/9 but I don't know the name of it? The arete just right of the "Citadel" I've done and it feels about 8/9'ish. I'm going to give it no name when I update the photo until I know it's real name. Thanks for your input.

Luke Childers Sep 3, 2009

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