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East Butt Topo
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Russ Walling
Jun 5, 2009
East Butt Topo  
Pitch 6 "Climb face instead of OW". Man Russ you are ruining all the fun. Why wouldn't you want people to chicken wing and Elvis across the OW like everyone else does for the 1st time they climb it only to find out later that they should've stayed on the face? I still remember floating the route till that point and then having the bejeezus scared out of me as I kept repeating, "Its ONLY 5.9, Its ONLY 5.9" over and over in my head and I freaked my way across it :) Oct 11, 2009
M. Morley
Sacramento, CA
M. Morley   Sacramento, CA  
Excellent topo, Russ. Thanks! Oct 9, 2009

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