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The Majestic WEST BLUFF
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Peter Arndt
Apr 8, 2009
The Majestic WEST BLUFF  
EB   Winona
Hey Pete and Jay, We climbed 15 total with nothing harder than 5.9. Start with turks tooth 5.5 , turks head 5.5, cleos 5.4, tilted tower 5.6, unnamed East of tilted 5.2- 5.6 jam crack(east face), The frigate 5.5-5.9, split tower 5.7, smoke stack 5.9 (classic!), unnamed tower east of smoke stack(my personal highlight, short tower with old pin driven in horizontal with 2 names carved into the tower from 1938!), first tower 5.7, suntop 5.8, great tower 5.6, prospect point pinnicle 5.6, reclining tower 5.6,and tree tower 5.7 to finish back at our cooler at the top of the service road. We spent about 11 hours climbing and hiking and it felt like an alpine day of climbing. There are a few more which we didn't to due to lack of neck oil. Basically we looked for any formations which had independent summits. A couple I admit were pretty short( ex. first tower 20ft at most) but a super fun outing regardless. Cheers Apr 9, 2009
"Towers" on the West Bluff
-Split Tower (2?)
-Prospect Point Towers
Sun Top Tower
Great Tower
-Prospect Point (proper)
Prospect Point Pinnacle
-Turks Tooth
-Reclining Tower
-Tree Tower
-Tyrolean Tower
-1st pitch of Turks Head Ridge is a Tower

This is all I can come up with. Eric, additions or deletions? Apr 8, 2009
Eric and Jay:

A very quick count gives me (33) "named" features in Swartling's diagram of the West Bluff. That would include the obscure "Turtle" and "Hangman" just above and north of the Slant Boulderfield. That 33 also includes "Hollywood and Vines" and the "North Slope". Too damn bad the Panoramic is gone as that would give a nice place for an Adult Beverage to sip on and talk of the Glory of it All.

Jay, I'm shocked you don't have the Bible errrrrrrr I mean the guide book at the ready. Apr 8, 2009

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The Majestic WEST BLUFF