Here are some ideas for some routes.<br>
-thanks to "CO Native" (
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Mar 18, 2009
Here are some ideas for some routes.

-thanks to "CO Native" (
Pete Elliott
Co Spgs CO
Pete Elliott   Co Spgs CO
What I wanna know is how do we get all that red paint off the peak? Geez. Apr 8, 2009
durango, CO
jmath   durango, CO
I believe you are referring to the South Cirque, there are a couple of fine lines in there :), but only a couple, one by myself and Bogren 3 pitches we rated at about 5.9R. It's on the southeast side of the cirque with typical bomber Pike's Peak rock. There aren't any anchors as this is a walk off. We got this done in '01 or '02, can't remember. There are a couple of other routes lower in the cirque that are nice lines as well with toprope anchors, that have been done. Travos Nolan, et al. There is also a chance these have all had FAs that I am unaware of, unsure. Nov 6, 2009

I work for the Cog and get to hangout up there 5 times a week! There is ice, rock, and snow! I think the real prize would be on the left side of the cirque. Here is a pic from last summer of the right side.
Rock on the right side. South Cirque.
Feb 9, 2011

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