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Cams are over rated.
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Kyle Wills
Mar 5, 2009
Cams are over rated.  
Kyle Wills
Chicago, IL
Kyle Wills   Chicago, IL
I pretty much laugh out loud about mschlocker comment once a week. The obvious backstory to this photo was I just placed the jug there when we started racking my friend up for his first lead climb on one of the many Ultra easy routes across Echo Cove from Big Moe. After he started up i noticed the rope running across the jug and couldnt help myself throwing the quickdraw on and snapping some photos. Unfortunately for us, however, Jtree didnt think it was very funny and put pinhole in the jug, and upon removal is was leaking hardcore... easy solution, drink it all on the spot. Apr 2, 2010
Mason S
San Diego, CA
Mason S   San Diego, CA
I'll free solo before trusting that placement. That way I can drink water and not worry that it would smack my belayer on the head if it fell :P Mar 25, 2010
Richard Fernandez
Flagstaff, AZ
Richard Fernandez   Flagstaff, AZ
...rack full 'o jugs. : ) Jan 22, 2010

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