BH on New Horizon, Button Rock.
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Jan 29, 2009
BH on New Horizon, Button Rock.
Boulder, CO
bhoran   Boulder, CO
What's with all the lycra? Well in those days JRAT, a local outfitter was giving it away to some of us. A company called "Original Skins", I believe a Neil Cannon creation, would stop by and drop of f the latest patterns. Tom, "JRAT" Jones would let us have our picking. I started to wear lycra when I was an avid bicyclist. As a climber I liked it for its lack of resistance, allowing total flexibilty in movement while climbing, I also thought it acted as kind of a thin weight belt for the lower body. Today I climb in a more casual, cotton pant, which soon after the lycra days hits the market in full swing. Jan 29, 2009
Joe Huggins
Grand Junction
Joe Huggins   Grand Junction
Yeah Man! At the time Jrat was one of my roomates; he and Neil wanted people to wear their stuff. No true dirtbag climber would ever turn down free clothes. Feb 24, 2009
half-pad-mini-jug   crauschville
I wish I could find some lycra these days.... Sep 1, 2009

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