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<em>Bad Bananas</em><br>
Multipitch Overview<br>
1 [[106560772]] 5.7<br>
2 [[106127240]] 5.10c<br>
3 [[106312985]] 5.10c<br>
4 [[106307318]] 5.9<br>
5 [[106302604]] 5.9<br>
6 Mark Ward Tribute 5.12b<br>
7 [[106511199]] 5.11d PG13<br>
8 Banana Dream 5.11d PG13<br>
9 [[106728774]] 5.13a<br>
10 Creampie 5.12c<br>
11 [[106143619]] 5.11b<br>
12 [[106699490]] 5.11b/c<br>
13 Swing Shift 5.11d R<br>
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Perin Blanchard
Dec 7, 2008
Bad Bananas
Multipitch Overview

1 Western Front 5.7
2 Be All That You Can Be 5.10c
3 Good Plantains 5.10c
4 Dancing With Feral Debutantes 5.9
5 Brain Full of Spiders 5.9
6 Mark Ward Tribute 5.12b
7 Bad Bananas 5.11d PG13
8 Banana Dream 5.11d PG13
9 Banana Roof 5.13a
10 Creampie 5.12c
11 Oscar the Grouch 5.11b
12 Vitamine P 5.11b/c
13 Swing Shift 5.11d R
It must be harder than mid .11 then. It was pretty cold the day we tried it. Maybe our frozen fingers tricked us. Thanks for the info. Following D.K. around always leads me into places I forget about. Dec 26, 2008
Justin Jeffs and I set the route about 10 years ago near the end of my time at BYU. Last weekend, I finally made it back out to redpoint the route. The route is called Vitamine P.

I never got around to pulling out the bolt that is sticking half-way out. If any of you remember to bring a wrench, please try pulling it out. I'm headed back for CA today, otherwise I would do it myself.

Also, there is an extra bolt near the crux that is probably okay to leave since it is much more visible than the the other bolt that is about two feet above it.

I think the climb will feel like a 5.11b or c once it gets chalked-up and cleaned a bit with more traffic. Mar 15, 2010
Great job Jarom! 10 years later eh. That's funny. I have a few of those I should do. They're more in the 7 to 8 year range so I can wait a while. Apr 12, 2010

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