Lead bolts do not fall on these...
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Nov 12, 2008
Lead bolts do not fall on these...
Matthew Fienup
Ventura, CA
Matthew Fienup   Ventura, CA  
I really love the use of color in this photograph. Apr 2, 2009
This is what passes for "lead bolts" at Point Dume? Are they all like this? This is a good (or bad) example of what happens when you mix metals AND you have a marine environment.

The hanger is stainless steel and that mush of rust is a non-stainless "bolt". I have seen some of this at Cabrillo near Morro Bay. In an ocean side environment, the only way to go is with high quality "marine grade" stainless bolts and hangers. Plain old stainless is still not good enough! It needs to be marine grade. If you have the skill set, glue in bolts are even better in soft sandstone like Point Dume. Fixe USA will be happy to sell you the hangers, bolts and equipment to do this right. Fixe USA Marine Grade Bolts Unfortunately the stuff is expensive. Hanger are about $6 and the bolts are about $11. You can also contact the and see if they'll help donate some hardware. ASCA Dec 10, 2011

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