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The bolted traverse to the arete. Good holds but intimidating.
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Boissal .
Nov 3, 2008
The bolted traverse to the arete. Good holds but intimidating.  
Yes, to answer the first question.
And to your second point, We are in agreement....most bolts are very difficult to remove. All the more argument for getting it correct the first time. And as Tenesmus implies with his comment, unfortunately, all protection is in a way only as good as it "looks"....from a leader's psychological standpoint. Ultimately, the only person who really knows how "bomber" any given piece is, is the person who places it. An example in kind was when I clipped a "thank-god bolt" in Thailand long ago and with its presence there, I forged on ahead "feeling secure" to the belay.
It came out into my belayer's hand as Franziska simply removed the QD when she followed. Hey, it sure looked and felt good. i studied it long and hard. Come to your own conclusions....but do you think we trusted the two-bolt belay on top to rap back down after that?
Sorry for the "lecture"...not my intent. I don't know who you are and I am not aware of your experience and I regret that you feel like a fool. My point is that it is foolish for anyone to assume that every bolt that "looks" bomber is bomber. Nov 30, 2010
Silly me. I thought Boissal was being sarcastic when he said a spinner is a sign of bomber-ness. Dec 1, 2010
The bolt is a good rawl, yes the hanger rattles a bit but the bolt is not a spinner. A loose hanger does not mean that it is bad. I tried to unscrew it and its welded in place. I felt it better to leave the bolt than make a total mess of the place. Mabey not bomber but gud enough.

Not all bolts need to be replaced!! I aint gona touch it for another 20 years.

Anybody else want to try and funk it out?
Have at it.

Edit to add
Just dont clip it, if you dont like it. RIGHT? Dec 2, 2010

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