Overhead map of Peanut Boulders area.<br>
1. Running Man Boulder<br>
2. Dark Matter Boulder<br>
3. Turtlehead<br>
4. Nacho Boulder<br>
5. Quartz Band Boulder<br>
6. Berry Boulders<br>
7. WTF Area<br>
8. Eminence Boulder<br>
9. Geometry Boulder<br>
10. Peanut Wall<br>
11. Square Top Boulder<br>
12. Burn Boulder
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Chris Prewitt
Oct 7, 2008
Overhead map of Peanut Boulders area.
1. Running Man Boulder
2. Dark Matter Boulder
3. Turtlehead
4. Nacho Boulder
5. Quartz Band Boulder
6. Berry Boulders
7. WTF Area
8. Eminence Boulder
9. Geometry Boulder
10. Peanut Wall
11. Square Top Boulder
12. Burn Boulder
I commisioned a team of 8yr olds to make a map. It was worth the bag of Snickers. Might not be pretty, but at least its accurate. Oct 7, 2008
The Ambition boulder is the formation in the very lower left of the picture. The Bridge to Nowhere and El Block are slightly off the map. Oct 14, 2008

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