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44 minutes: Ruper bridge 2 bridge.<br>
Photo: Steiny.
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Mic Fairchild
Aug 29, 2008
44 minutes: Ruper bridge 2 bridge.

Photo: Steiny.  
Will S
Joshua Tree
Will S   Joshua Tree
Docile? Not the one living next to my driveway for years. It was an aggressive and pissed off @#%%. Big too, almost 6' I almost killed it a couple of times when it came at me but preferred to leave it for ground squirrel, mice, and rabbit control. Aug 24, 2016
Mic Fairchild
Mic Fairchild   Boulder
BTW, this photo a substitute for the actual Ruper photo. Glad you like it anyway. Oct 14, 2016
David Baltz
Albuquerque, New Mexico
David Baltz   Albuquerque, New Mexico
Bull snakes are moderately docile, mostly hiss and shake their tail among the leaves to sound like a rattlesnake and scare people off, but in fact--being twice their size--chase off rattlesnakes from their territory and so are good to have around. Nov 4, 2016

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