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44 minutes: Ruper bridge 2 bridge.<br>
Photo: Steiny.
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Mic Fairchild
Aug 29, 2008
44 minutes: Ruper bridge 2 bridge.

Photo: Steiny.  
David Baltz
Albuquerque, New Mexico
David Baltz   Albuquerque, New Mexico
Bull snakes are moderately docile, mostly hiss and shake their tail among the leaves to sound like a rattlesnake and scare people off, but in fact--being twice their size--chase off rattlesnakes from their territory and so are good to have around. Nov 4, 2016
Mic Fairchild
Mic Fairchild   Boulder
BTW, this photo a substitute for the actual Ruper photo. Glad you like it anyway. Oct 14, 2016
Will S
Joshua Tree
Will S   Joshua Tree
Docile? Not the one living next to my driveway for years. It was an aggressive and pissed off @#%%. Big too, almost 6' I almost killed it a couple of times when it came at me but preferred to leave it for ground squirrel, mice, and rabbit control. Aug 24, 2016

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