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Antoine Horness
Aug 11, 2008
Map to the area  
Dan Anderson
Phoenix, Arizona
Dan Anderson   Phoenix, Arizona
Topo is right on the money. If I had printed this out I wouldn't have wasted so much time finding routes this weekend. Once you reach the top of cave crag wall, keep going right to pick up the cairns to Incinerated Ridge & Tall Wall. Aug 29, 2011
Adam Block
Tucson, AZ
Adam Block   Tucson, AZ
You know you're old school when you're calling people pushing 40 young whippersnappers! "I remember back when Moses parted the Red Sea, there was this AMAZING rock face down there"! The topo actually isn't that bad once you have already been there and no longer need it (: Jun 22, 2011
Um, this little topo is all we had the first time I went to the Outcroppings. We had no trouble finding the crag or the routes once we arrived. You young whippersnappers are useless without your GPS and google earth printouts. Apr 24, 2011

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