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(1) Tourist Attraction<br>
(2) Hurtin for Certain<br>
(3) Left Hand Mantel<br>
(4) Awkward and Wide<br>
(5) Crescent Crack<br>
(6) Jackel<br>
(7) Inner Space<br>
(8) Cake Walk<br>
(9) Zig Zag<br>
(10) Bourbon Street<br>
(11) On The Wagon<br>
(12) Whiskey Crack<br>
(13) Oh Mama Mama<br>
(14) Welcome to China<br>
(15) Double Time at Sues's
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Kirk Woerner
Jul 2, 2008
(1) Tourist Attraction
(2) Hurtin for Certain
(3) Left Hand Mantel
(4) Awkward and Wide
(5) Crescent Crack
(6) Jackel
(7) Inner Space
(8) Cake Walk
(9) Zig Zag
(10) Bourbon Street
(11) On The Wagon
(12) Whiskey Crack
(13) Oh Mama Mama
(14) Welcome to China
(15) Double Time at Sues's  
Santa Monica, Ca.
YDPL8S   Santa Monica, Ca.
Thanks Kirk! The only thing I see different from the "old days" is that after Oh Mamma Mamma turns left, we used to traverse left (oops, edit sorry Kirk) on up to the vertical crack above Whiskey and then to the top. Kind of a waste on chossier stuff, but then we never rapped off (always took a nice leisurely walk down the backside)

And I think Inner Space goes through the OW crack on the right side of the roof. Jul 2, 2008
That and the fact that Crescent Crack is actually the route between Left Hand Crack and Taylor Made. Jul 4, 2008

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