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One of the few remaining sandstone plaques in the area.
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Mark D Evans
Apr 27, 2008
One of the few remaining sandstone plaques in the area.  
King Tut
Citrus Heights
King Tut   Citrus Heights
Nope. Clueless.

Its grafitti bro. Completely different from chains 50m off the ground. Chipped holds, chiseled pockets mean nothing to the general public. Titanium glue ins are virtually invisible to non-climbers. Non-climbers will never experience them. Take a non-climber to the base of a cliff some day. They don't even see chalk as un-natural and think its just some part of the natural rock. They cannot see rock climbs because their eyes are not trained to recognize the signs.

All this chicken scratching on the rock is "Bobby loves Sue forever" vapid and trite Graffiti.

All of the other climbing impacts you mention really affect climbers only. In a few years you could march a regular person to the base of Incredible Hand Crack and (if the chalk washed away) they would not notice anything amiss. They would not be able to tell you where the climbing impact was.

Grafitti however, is OFFENSIVE and that is all this is. It is never OK to write on the rock, especially in such a permanent fashion at ground level where it offends everyone with sense (meaning non-climbers too).

All of the stuff you go on about affects climbers only. Here's a clue: Indian Creek belongs to everyone. Graffiti affects everyone. Most, negatively.

You are condoning Graffiti and saying a cleaned pocket is worse...not even close. Just because something is not expressly illegal on State Trust Land does not make it right. Maybe they should learn to be stewards instead of treating the land like a garbage dump. Sep 3, 2016
Springdale / Zion UT / Moab
Gaar   Springdale / Zion UT / Moab
Simmer down now....This is soft sandstone, not your pristine valley granite that has it's own history, and more then enough carvings...all the plaques here will wash and wither away when you're dead. They won't last for 100's of years. If you know where to look you can still see that fire fall cant you!

What about all the metal plaques across the country?

Sep 5, 2016
I don't really have a strong feeling about carving names into small rocks at the base. It's way better than carving it into the wall. I'd bet if you picked up the desert vaurnet Rock and threw it down the hill as hard as you can no one would ever have known it was there. These little blocks at the base of routes were essentially mountain project before the Internet. Sep 5, 2016

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