top rope anyone?
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Mar 31, 2008
top rope anyone?
I try to be patient and polite with folks. Once engaged in conversation I have found the overwhelmingly majority of people are not deliberately destructive, just ignorant. Many seem to believe the SS won't wear out. Showing them the wear on my B-52 or on their belay device, if it is not new and shiny, even though they are not SS seems to help make the point. This usually gets them open to thinking about the issue.

I next relate the pleasure of the climb to the money required to buy the anchors and the man hours and expertise required to place and maintain them. I then tell them it is from other fellow climbers the time, money and expertise come from. I try to personalize it a bit by mentioning specifically the efforts of Jim, Mark, and Ward, the three folks I do know among many who contribute or have contributed to making Rumney a great place to climb. I finish up by telling them may want to do as I do every now and then, stop by the Rock Barn and throw some bills in the jar on the counter.

Many folks react positively to the interaction, a few passively but I hope they end up thinking about it and change their ways. Only one person has been really vocal and negative in response. However later in the day when I ran across him and his group, they were using quick draws to TR from.

Matt and Mike keep up the good work and don't get frustrated. I am willing to bet you are making a positive difference with more people than you think. Dec 6, 2008
Sandwich, NH
matthewWallace   Sandwich, NH

looks like you are having a great impact, and encouraging people to donate it a great idea, one i will pursue myself... Mar 15, 2009
Mike Thompson
Manchester NH
Mike Thompson   Manchester NH
thanks los :) i have found educating people is one of my favorite things to do and being friendly and excited about it is even better! and i agree with matt. i will persue donations too :) Mar 15, 2009

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