summit of Quartermoon Tower
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Feb 12, 2008
summit of Quartermoon Tower
West Wendover, Nevada area? Feb 12, 2008
waaay better. Ibex. You'd love that place. Bomber rock, large spectrum of grades. Heavily featured. Sounds a little like redrocks...? But its quartzite and has some of the best climbing anywhere. You should explore the database.

Talk about high lonesome... Feb 13, 2008
Cool, I'll check the DB out. It's been awhile since I've been out that way . I spent some time exploring the caves around the Bonneville salt flats near Wendover; I believe there was a "duck feather cave" that we were interested in checking out at the time. We made some trips to Delta, Utah for snakes, and exploring the desert out that way quite a few times. I wasn't a climber then, so it'll be fun to return, and check out Ibex. I may have been through there as it looks really familiar, but I was mainly looking at the ground for things at that time of my life; it'll be nice to get those great climber views now.

High lonesome sounds inviting. Feb 14, 2008

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