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Will S
Oct 24, 2007
That would be the start to the end of the original problem established in 1989 by a few kooks. Beta: slam a bunch of Old E 800's ( minimum of 3) go around the back and grovel horizontally "for days" if you can fit through the "birth canal", continue through and exit into the overhanging corner, up and out into the jam... "exercise your rights over the lip, stand up on top and before catching your breathe imbibe as much Ol' E and medicinal remedy as you can. go DIRECTLY to the Deli and execute Bill "Swillis' Russel's "Deli Head Jam" if you're feeling up to it. At the very least, score a free garbage slice o' pizza and continue to get smashed with whatever "Evil climbers" you can find... make a total ass of yourself in public. Mar 9, 2012
adam brink
Boulder, CO
adam brink   Boulder, CO
That is THE best description for a boulder problem I've read in a long time. More! I'm inspired to go send now in proper style. Mar 9, 2012

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