Kenton stylin' the LITJ. NRABS as hell!
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Darren in Vegas
Jul 31, 2007
Kenton stylin' the LITJ. NRABS as hell!
Punter Brewster
Chattanooga, TN
Punter Brewster   Chattanooga, TN
Kitten! Jul 15, 2009
Donovan Allen
Donovan Allen   Subaru
Great shot. Is that an old C4? Awesome! Feb 15, 2014
Some days you never forget....this is one of them. We all just finished a half day of guiding and were each about 6-7 Natty Lights into the afternoon in the reality room at Hard Rock. Kenton started talking shit about going out and climbing at Central Endless. We all rally down and old captain D decides to lead LITJ half in the bag. After he placed this .5 U stem (old and runs it out twenty to the cold shit anchor. Looks solid the whole way up but he was pumped and none of us knew it. Next thing we know he dead point monos the right cold shut...then the left....then whips. 40' later into this huge dead tree, knocking all kinds of rotten lumber onto all of us.... Shreaded his shin pretty good. Then he prusiks up the fixed rope to go get his gear....classic day of our boy in his usual style. Best days of my life..... Feb 18, 2017

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