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Mike Robinson
Mar 10, 2007
Altar Boy.  
bradley white   Bend
Manmade walls can be not thick enough, mortared, and weakened from fierce pulling and pushing onto them. Overpass bridges blocked walls are almost always strong, but roadside. Railroad erosion blocked walls are also strong and secluded. A lot of what I used to do on the railroad walls are spray painted street art now.
Fun and can be misunderstood by police though. I didn't ask for permission on private buildings. One was a thirty foot man made rock wall on a bank, the other above the second floor on a Plymouth State College campus building (a very early and notoriously radical home to extreme, entire building, roped climbing, probably by their outing club, but it must remain untold who did them, but one building had a campus-related reason, hang on the the four post above the clock building's highest pitch roof, bright gourds). I didn't get in on this. It was reserved for campus students and alumni. I soloed things and was arrested for bank robbery and breaking and entering. No charges were pressed, and I was released.
Went to doing interstate blasted outcrops on 93. Learned a lot about loose rock and eventually got caught by an interstate cop. He drove us off the interstate and politely said the judge would have thrown the book at us if arrested. First day I brought someone else was bad luck. A little off topic, but most of it is about how I dug building and manmade rock walls. I quit it because I took too far up, meant a hard way too back down. Mar 18, 2013
Boulder, the city of buildering origins... nice pic! Oct 28, 2012

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