The Shadow (5.8R)
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Adam Stackhouse
Jan 9, 2007
The Shadow (5.8R)
Pro at the crux, in order:
#3 Camalot in the opening crack, #6 stopper, #2 TCU...then the 5.8 face move to latch the rounded layback edge...#2 Loweball (Yes...there is a place for this very specific piece of gear here about 1/2 of the way up) #5 Steelnut at the end of the run-out layback, TCU's, then 1/2" to 1 1/2" gear if you want to belay at the top of the layback rather than finishing up the EZ ramp to the rap tree. Aug 12, 2014
So Cal
johannsolo   So Cal
Leave a little adventure for people and a Loweball, really? Nov 5, 2016
TOO MUCH BETA BRO!!11! Nov 22, 2016

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