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Watch where you put your hands.<br>
Photo by Blitzo.
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Dec 12, 2006
Watch where you put your hands.
Photo by Blitzo.  
Brilliant Camouflage! Jan 20, 2010
Chris Owen
Big Bear Lake
Chris Owen   Big Bear Lake  
One of these bit me once, November 1995. Spent a week in Joshua Tree Hospital, 3 days in the ICU, got lots of anti-venom, antibiotics and a tetanus injection. My arm swelled up like a loaf of bread, pasty white dough which would hold impressions, and 5 fingernail sticking out of the end of it. I was bitten on the wrist joint, but suffered no long term effects - except for developing a forked tongue ;-)

Two weeks later I started to swell up again - an allergic reaction to the anti-venom, covered in hives for a week with swelling at the bite site.

I was climbing at Ellesmere Island. Jan 20, 2010

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