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The <em>Forgotten Wall</em>. Next-to-west-most wall at Hard Rock.<br>
1 [[105885695]] 5.8<br>
2 [[105885699]] 5.10a<br>
3 [[106050295]] 5.10c
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Perin Blanchard
Nov 10, 2006
The Forgotten Wall. Next-to-west-most wall at Hard Rock.
1 Stump 5.8
2 Many Options 5.10a
3 Firstborn 5.10c  
Perin Blanchard
Orem, UT
Perin Blanchard   Orem, UT  
Finally got around to climbing the right-most route; I put it in at .10c. Oct 25, 2007
Perin Blanchard
Orem, UT
Perin Blanchard   Orem, UT  
These routes were originally added to the database as Unknown One, Unknown Two, and Unknown Three.

Not quite a year ago someone added what apparently are these three routes to the database. They are listed at 5.9, 5.10d, and 5.10c (left to right) on I resisted putting the names here because the middle route's rating seemed so far off that I thought perhaps whoever put them in might have gotten them confused with other routes.

However, a buddy of mine told me recently that when he first climbed the routes some time ago he was told the ratings were those now listed on Based on his experience I figured the names are probably correct.

If anyone knows for sure...speak up. Oct 26, 2007
The three routes on next to west most wall at hard rock that somebody named, intellectual theft, to call or copy, and copycat, are an error. My friend and i bolted these routes. the name of the wall is forgotten wall. Number one is Stump 5.8, number two is Many options 5.9 and number three is First born 5.10b. There is also a variation of First born, called Born again, same rating. Darin at mountainworks has all the info on these routes. There are also four new routes farther west that Darin has info on and i will get photo and ratings with names posted as soon as i can. Jun 20, 2008

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