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Grant Hiskes on "Outer Limits".<br>
Photo by Blitzo.
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Oct 16, 2006
Grant Hiskes on "Outer Limits".
Photo by Blitzo.  
it could be photoshopped it could be real. It's unfortunate that it's a debate but it is, but that being said you aren't the photographers and shouldn't say it is anything other than good or not and then ask anything else.
I've taken a lot of photos in my day and in an instance like this what people aren't taking into account is the amount of cloud cover as the sun is setting there could've been a relatively small whole that the sun is able to punch through lighting the wall and creating the effect you see a lit area but a lot of dark and contrast in the clouds. Mar 18, 2011
chuck claude
Flagstaff, Az
chuck claude   Flagstaff, Az
The photo is amazing, irregardless of how it got to the final form..... nice job Jan 14, 2010
Mike Dudley
Mike Dudley   Vegas
I dont care if it is real or not, its a cool picture! Jun 25, 2009

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