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Traffic jam on the Cables
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Peter Franzen
Jun 15, 2006
Traffic jam on the Cables  
1Eric Rhicard
1Eric Rhicard   Tucson
Give them credit for pushing their limits as we sometimes do when we go climbing. At least they are not sitting on their duffs in a car or tour bus. Hopefully it gives them enough appreciation of our earth to help save it. We need all the help we can get. Jul 18, 2007
Firstly, I am not a "badass" I am a purist with tolerances. As for being on the edge, yes I am on the edge of my abilities and I keep pushing, whether I am skiing, snowboarding, climbing, or riding a bike. I have no conquest to be "Rad" I am just being. And yes these people are doing what they love. I can't blame them for seeing a road and taking it, rightfully my angst should be directed towards John Conway, George Anderson, and The Sierra Club. But again, these folks had no idea what can of worms they were opening. Now it's there, now it must be maintained b/c it brings tens of thousands of dollars into the local economy. The image of it is like a turd smeared across the Mona Lisa, but that's life for you I guess. My appologies for my impulsive misdirection.

When I see a place like this with traffic like that I get fumed. Remember, John Muir called Half Dome "A temple lit from above", and many like myself consider peaks steeples carved by the very hands of creation. In the early days of Yosemite the Sierra Club described Half Dome as being "Perfectly Inaccessable" That "perfection" is now a memory (not a bad thing, but on this scale, not great either). When you grant access like this to throngs of people preservation (litter, people dropping their belongings, etc.) travels a bit closer to the wayside. I think the idea of a handrail going up a mountainside is tragic. It's like putting training wheels on a motorcycle. Jul 19, 2007
The cables aren't removed in the off-season, only the supports. The cables are still there, they're just laying on the slab instead of supported by the little poles. You can go down them in this condition. (I have. In the dark.) Nov 4, 2007

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