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Daniel pulling a mossy mantle deep in the Garden.
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Peter Franzen
Apr 23, 2006
Daniel pulling a mossy mantle deep in the Garden.  
Corvallis, Oregon
PDub-Trad   Corvallis, Oregon
The boulder is also called the Meth Lab. The farthest right edge problem that the climber in photo has sent is of high quality with a manageable dynamic movement. There is an additional original name to the problem but it alludes me at the moment. There are two other established problems to the climbers left of this main problem both harder. Around the left most corner is a problem that has been given the modern name Leave it to Jesus, that is a can't miss. In this or another website it was rated V3. It is actually a V2- and had a 90's send.

Around the corner from this photo is the Bubbler, a very manageable and quality V3. This problem is not on this website but it should be acknowledged. I believe it was either Peter Brink or Steve Nelson that had its First Ascent but others are free to correct that. Opposite The Bubbler I've recently (2010) cleaned a slew of VB's, V0's and V1's (and some pint sized boulders for my little one). On the opposite side the bubbler boulder, closer to the problem in above image there is a V8+ that Eric Brown has sent and said it was of quality. Behind the Meth Lab, where the hillside climbs, there are a number of extremely hard problems climbing out of caves. There are some decent 5.10 route/problems as well that have a history going back pre-Eric and Ed. Jun 25, 2010
Philip Scoles
bum fuck, Oregon
Philip Scoles   bum fuck, Oregon
Their isn't normally that much moss Oct 30, 2006

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