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Routes on The Dome:<br>
1. Prelude to King Kong<br>
   Left finish: Left Edge<br>
   Right finish: Gorilla's Delight<br>
2. The Owl<br>
3. Cozyhang<br>
4. East of the Sun to East Slab<br>
5. East Slab East
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Ben Mottinger
Jan 1, 2001
Routes on The Dome:

1. Prelude to King Kong
Left finish: Left Edge
Right finish: Gorilla's Delight
2. The Owl
3. Cozyhang
4. East of the Sun to East Slab
5. East Slab East  
Scott Edlin
boulder, co
Scott Edlin   boulder, co
This pic shows East of the Sun following East Slab. East of the Sun is supposed to be just left of East Slab and has a different finish. Jul 11, 2006
Love this route. Only issue was being able to communicate with partner once leaving "the hang"P2- due to river noise/rock roof. Dec 28, 2006
misha zavalov
Boulder, Co.
misha zavalov   Boulder, Co.
I totally agree with that. I was under the roof and as soon as my partner climbed up out of it, I couldn't hear him at all. It was kinda sketchy. All the noise from the traffic and the river raging gets amplified in the overhang. Mar 31, 2010

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