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Suggested Page Improvements to Pale Face

Jun 21, 2020
Getting There Suggestion
Walk past the Goldfinger boulder and continue east along the well established trail that winds through the forest. The next cluster of boulders is the Pale Face sector.

Jun 21, 2020
Description Suggestion
Though only a small cluster of boulders, the reasonably flat landings and high quality problems make it a favorite.

** CAUTION: Cow Parsnip (Heracleum Maximum) [also known as Indian Celery] has recently (June 2020) been seen in this sector immediately on your left when approaching the Pale Face boulder from the Goldfinger area. It is advised not to go near it and avoid skin contact with the plant. It has leaves containing a sap that is photosensitive, leaving burn-like blisters/scars after coming in contact with sunlight.

Tony Redford
Sep 10, 2020
New Left-to-Right Route Sort