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Name History

Apr 26, 2021: "Only in it for the Money" was renamed "Only In It for the Money".
Apr 26, 2021: "Only In It for the Money" was renamed "Only in it for the Money".

Suggested Page Improvements to Only in it for the Money

Nick Drake
Nov 6, 2019
Route should be moved to the "The Woods Alcove" as it's there furthest left route at that crag. That page was added after Hank had listed this route.

Daniel Chode Rider
Apr 26, 2021
Route Name: Only In It for the Money

Daniel Chode Rider
Jul 28, 2021
Protection Suggestion

Scramble up the unprotected 5- slab, place a #4, the rest of the crack takes #2s and #3s . Two (1/4 inch) bolts and chain up top.