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Suggested Page Improvements to The Mount Whitney Trail

Aug 13, 2017
change the first sentence of the Description section to this:
"This is the easiest and most popular route to climb Mt. Whitney. The trail goes uphill 6100 vertical feet (1860 vertical meters) over a distance of 13 miles (21 km) one-way from Whitney Portal."

Because ...
* Mountaineers Gully is significantly shorter from Whitney Portal.
* because uphill vertical is important on a _climbing_ website.
* regarding length, see

Aug 13, 2017
1) Sorry -- my bad:
The horizontal distance currently shown on the page is correct at 11 miles.
. . (but the Mountaineers Gully route is still shorter in distance).

2) Sorting Order should be changed to Left-most / first - (instead of right-most). Because looking from the highway (from the East), the Left is south and Right is north, and the Mt Whitney Trail is the southern-most route.

3) In the third paragraph of the Description section, the following words should be inserted as the 3rd sentence:
"The John Muir Trail comes south from Yosemite National Park, and meets the Mt Whitney Trail near Trail Crest just a short ways south from the summit of Mt Whitney."
Because at least as many JMT hikers go to the summit of Mt W as High Sierra Trail hikers, and
(? maybe the Whitney Trail is technically _part_ of the JMT ?)