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(unknown user)
May 9, 2016
This area is called "San Juan" by the locals, not Acantilado.
New topos are available at Monodedos site:

Translated from the website:

"La Chorrera San Juan is one of the best climbing areas of Ecuador. Located in the province of Chimborazo at 3550 meters above sea level. It currently has 100 routes equipped with difficulty from V+ to 8c+. The park has huge potential for the development of over a thousand climbing routes in the area.

(unknown user)
May 9, 2016
Also, for a fantastic video overview of this area check out Monodedo Rockfest 2015:

Jacob B
Feb 23, 2019
Description Suggestion
Acantilado is located 20 miles east of Riobamba near Chimborazo. A beautiful crag, it is a basalt canyon with close to 30 bolted routes and potential for many many more. There are a number of trad lines waiting to be opened, but a fair amount of the cracks have been bolted since trad gear is hard to find in the area. Some routes are a little dirty and you might find some loose rock here and there, but the quality is generally very good. The routes on the north end of the canyon, near the road, all have new, shiny bolts. Traffic is generally low even on the weekends so don't be surprised if you have the place to yourself.

During ECuador's dry season you can usually count on good weather. Intense sun if there are no clouds so bring the sunblock. It can get very cold at night so bring your layers. We're just entering the wet season so we'll see how the weather treats us :)

Camping is permitted with a $1/person fee to the land owners (rarely enforced, but be prepared) Fires are allowed.

Bring your own food and water as there are no stores nearby. The hut at the top of the canyon sometimes sells beer and cuy (guinea pig!) on the weekends, but not always.

A full up-to-date guide of the climbing can be seen here