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Suggested Page Improvements to High Lonesome

Paul Emrick
Aug 4, 2017
FA: Paul Emrick & Bruce Eriksen

Bruce and I put up all of the routes on the Umbrella wall except for 1(that was rap bolted from our anchors grumble, grumble)

Paul Emrick
Jan 12, 2019
Location Suggestion
High Lonesome starts on the far left hand side of the Umbrella Wall, close to the left corner. Traverse past the Main Wall area in order to get to the Umbrella Wall.  There is a low traverse option in order to get to the Umbrella Wall as well (hike up the 2nd drainage gully).  

BRING TWO 70 METER ROPES FOR THE RAPPEL. Two 60 meter ropes won't reach the ground from the P3 anchors. It can be a little tricky getting down from the top. Rap from P5 anchors to P4, then from P4 down and around the corner/roof to the P3 anchors, and then all the way down.

"BRING TWO 70 METER ROPES FOR THE RAPPEL" Is misleading! No one was climbing on 70m ropes when we put this up. It's definitely a rope stretcher to rap with 2x60m. I suppose a very light climber on a stiff rope might have to let the rope go for the last couple feet. Maybe a better description would be to say bring two 61m ropes..!