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Suggested Page Improvements to Illusion Wall

Serge Smirnov
Aug 13, 2020
Getting There Suggestion

Approach via squire creek trail up to where the old road ends, about 1.5 miles. Right after a gravel wash there a couple large logs along the trail, turn right here down through the valley along a climbers trail. Follow the trail down to the creek and cross at a very large log the starts out 100' or so back from the stream.  Half way across the creek, the main log is joined by another log branching left - take that left branch.  After the logs head up stream for about 100 feet then head right and uphill up a rocky streambed. Follow the streambed uphill for about 400 feet then turn of right on a faint trail through the woods. Follow this trail up to the base of the wall. You should reach a small flat spot, descent bivy, next to a very large tree right before you start heading up the slabs. From here continue onto slabs then up and left aiming for a small gulley with a tattered fixed line, usually wet through here. Continue up the gully and slabs aiming for the wall above. Eventually head up and left to reach the base of the wall and the start of the routes.