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Suggested Page Improvements to ENT Boulders

Brad Fauteux
Oct 23, 2019
I'd like to organize this area into sub-areas rather than routes within a large sub-area. I was hoping a regional Admin could take a few minutes to organize the listed climbs into an unsorted temporary location. Another option is for the admin to go ahead and create two sub-areas(I could also do this after the initial temporary unsorted area is created). From the posted climbs, 5 of them belong on the "Tall Boy Boulder". This list includes; Freezer, It's a Duzzi, TBB Soft Soul, TBB Pedoodle, TBB Warmup.
The second boulder is known as the "Tourist Escape Boulder". The list of climbs on this boulder includes; Tourist Escape, and Avoiding the Masses. There is one unsorted boulder(The Rooster) that I haven't located yet, so I personally can't say which boulder it belongs too. An option for this is to add "The Rooster" as a boulder, and then put the climb inside that sub-area.