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Frank V
Sep 7, 2021
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Ross Park, a public park in Pocatello, Idaho, has two long but short basalt cliff bands. The rock is very friendly for climbing consisting of steep edges, pockets, and cracks. Ross Park is home to the longest running climbing competition in the United States, the [[Pocatello Pump]] which was started in 1981.

There are two main areas. The "Shady Side" is a northeast facing crag that is great for summer evenings. Routes on the Shady Side are predominently top roped with no fixed anchors except the top anchors.

The "Sunny Side" faces southwest and is perfect for sunny winter afternoons. The routes here are mostly short bolted sport climbs. There are convenient top anchors for top roping as well.

Top anchors on both Shady and Sunny Sides and the bolts on the Sunny Side sport climbs are maintained by the Idaho State University Outdoor Program for the Pocatello Pump.

The routes at both areas range from 5.7 to 5.12 and are 25-35+ feet tall. Only a few of the routes have names but nearly all have an identifying number on a small tag fixed to the wall near the bottom cliff. This naming convention originates from the Pocatello Pump where dozens and dozens of climbing routes are set for the Pump each year.

There is plentiful bouldering at both sites and at other basalt formation in and around Pocatello. Much of the bouldering is documented  here on [[Mountain Project]]

Ross Park has many non-climbing amenities including a Zoo, Skateboard/Bike Park, and public swimming pool on the South Side. On the North Side, there is a Frisbee golf course just before the start of the Shady Side climbing. Upper Ross Park above the climbing also has parking, picnic tables, a pavilion, playground equipment, and bathrooms.

Frank V
Sep 7, 2021
That link to SEIClimbing is bad. Looks like it wants to install chrome extensions. Better remove it.