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Name History

-no date-: "Bob Johnson Area" was renamed "Bob Johnson Crag".

Suggested Page Improvements to Bob Johnson Crag

Tim McGivern
Aug 21, 2017
Split this up to the following boulders under the “Bob Johnson Boulders” area. I think it is fine to have this area under Stone Tower as it is. - Stone Tower Area->Bob Johnson Boulders:

Entrance Boulder: (Palm Reader, Eye Candy, Global Warming, Growing Up Strong, Straight Talk)
Directions: ST11 on Caltopo map

Between BJ’s: (The Rail)
Directions: ST14 on the Caltopo map

Bob Johnson #1: Ambulance Chaser, Bear Grease, Frat Boy, Lactose Intolerant, Outsourced, Tour of Duty, and Wardrobe Malfunction and Zombie
Directions: ST12 on the Caltopo Map

Bob Johnson #2: Bloodhound and If it Fits, Primate, The Ramp, and Vapor
Directions: ST16 on the Caltopo map

Tim McGivern
Aug 21, 2017
under "Getting there" please add that the Bob Johnson Trail has been added to the Caltopo map.