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Suggested Page Improvements to Outcroppings

Robert Hall
Apr 26, 2018
Wish I had read Paul Zander's COMMENT before we hoofed it in. The big cairn confused us a bit and we took the more well-traveled path which led us to Boy Scout wall. Suggest the "Getting There" might be improved by adding the following:

Take Mt Lemmon highway to MP 19.4 (just before Ranger Station) take a left* onto Organization Ridge road, go 0.3 miles and park at Palisades Trailhead parking. Walk 50'-100 ft further on the road in the direction you have been driving to the path on the left. (photo.) Go uphill to black stump, follow the well-worn path and cairns to a large cairn (photo) about 10min in. Left goes to Boy Scout wall, straight ahead goes to Cave Wall, Tall Wall and Incinerated Ridge. You come out on the top of Cave /Tall Wall (15-20 min from car). Go right and down over some slabs to reach the climber’s-left side of “Incinerated”. From the top another path seemed to lead left and down, presumably to the far right side of Cave.
* The gate may appear to be CLOSED until you drive right up to it.

Once you are down at Incinerated Wall, a short steep path leads from the far right side down to the base of Tall Wall.