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Suggested Page Improvements to West Main Wall

Nov 22, 2019
Description Suggestion
525m granite big wall. Hard aid climber's paradise & the odd free gem to plucked still.

At mile 35.5 a rough road leads down to a large clearing by the river. From the end of the clearing a faint trail leads about 100feet into the bush, revealing a cable crossing the Eldred. After crossing to the West bank, head down stream, until you come out on an old road. This road forks after a short distance, go right. After about 300m the road forks again, this time take the left (uphill fork). After some time you'll come to another fork to the left, this fork can be difficult to spot, it is below the extreme right-hand margin of the Mainer, if you walk past it the road will peter out quickly. The road should now be traversing below the wall from right to left. After about a Kilometer a reasonable trail heads directly up to the start of the Mad Buggers Wall and AaronÂ’s route, Call of the granite. The Mainline is about 100m to the left. Approach takes about 1 hour from the West Side of the river. To descend follow slabs and flagging North from the summit, enter the forest and follow flagging. When practical Rappel .Continue down until it is possible to traverse the creek and logging slash back north to the end landing of an old road. Follow the road until you come out on the active Diane main road. Please be careful if placing descent vehicles on this road Active Hauling!! Mt bikes are a better option.