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Suggested Page Improvements to Northern Buttress

David Stephenson
Mar 18, 2017
This is one of the best places on the Pipes for a sunny winter morning, well protected from a westerly wind but not a northerly. A great selection of classic mostly one pitch trad and sport routes, and one of the few places on the Pipes that allows descents from trad routes with a single 60m rope - from DB anchors at the top of Rasberry Jam and Crackers (trad 18), All Systems Go (trad 18), Sideshow (trad 18). Single rope raps also from Boy's Games (sport 22), Pension Day (sport 20), Game On (sport 21). All these are great climbs. Most of the other moderate trad climbs such as Pulpit Chimney (12), Pegasus (14) Tearaway (18) and Centaur (17) require a 50m rap from the top of the Pinnacle or the top of Centaur, although it is possible with a single rope if you go down the sunny side from one of these stations and change anchors at the top of Sideshow.