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Suggested Page Improvements to The Trapps

Byron Igoe
May 15, 2015
Under Guidebooks I recommend adding the new Trapps app (iPhone and Android). It has full color, zoom-able pictures with the route drawn on.

Byron Igoe
Jun 14, 2020
Guidebooks Suggestion
For mobile devices, check out the [[Gunks+ app]], which has a guide to [[Trapps Routes]] and many more.

The Climber's Guide to the Shawangunks: The Trapps by Dick Williams, Vulgarian Press, 2004, is the definitive climbing guide to the Trapps. Often called the "gray Dick" because of its gray cover (previous Dicks were red, blue and black), this guide gives detailed info on all climbs and variations in the Trapps. Quality ratings, protection ratings, photos with route overlays, and line drawings showing the access trails make this an indispensible reference for the Trapps climber. Also included are sections on Gunks geology and climbing history.