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REI Community

Mountain Project - Offline & Mobilized!

What does it do?

  • Browse areas, routes, photos, comments, etc OFFLINE, at the crag, on the rock.
  • Download your local areas, trip destinations, or all 100,000+ routes. Once downloaded, you no longer need to be online!
  • Download high-res photos, one at a time or for a whole area
  • Sync your ticks, star ratings, and to do's from your MP account. Create new ones offline and sync up later.
  • Set bookmarks for your favorite routes and areas
  • Search for routes and areas.
  • Maps/directions to areas.
  • Read and Post to the Forum.
  • Read the Leading News.
  • Data packs are rebuilt weekly - update whenever you want the latest.

How do you get it?

Available on iTunes
Available on Google Play

What does it cost?

Thanks to our collaboration with Black Diamond, the app is completely FREE.

Mountain Project works in collaboration with Black Diamond Equipment, the climbing world's leader in gear and apparel.
Thanks to BD, the app is completely FREE.
  • Home Page - search or browse areas
  • Areas - all the same great content from the site: approach, classic climbs, photos, etc
  • Routes - consensus ratings, protection notes, descent info, comments
  • Photo page - a thumbnail if you're offline, high-res if you're online or downloaded it earlier (we save it for offline use later!)
  • Most areas can be mapped. Your current location is also shown, so no excuse about getting lost
  • All route and area photos are included - high res version comes automatically if you're online
  • Search routes and areas
  • Route ticks
  • Route comments
  • Log in and sync your personal stuff
  • You & This Route - your ticks, star ratings, and to do list