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Movement opened its doors in Denver in the December of 2014. It features 50 foot high walls, over 26,000 vertical square feet of climbing, and many different areas to suit each guests’ individual needs and skill levels. There is a bouldering competition wall which you can top out on, a “wave wall” with smooth changes in slope as you move from right to left, a 65 degree overhanging bouldering cave that is 20 feet wide, a 45 degree bouldering wall that is 35 feet wide, an instruction ledge that will allow instructors to teach guests anchor equalization and safe rappeling, and three cracks to practice crack climbing. Also included is a fitness center, cycling room, yoga studio, and child care center. Many classes and programs are offered as part of the standard membership. As with all climbing gyms in Denver, crowds can be huge - especially on weekday nights and bad weather days.

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