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Mountain Project’s Next Chapter

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Nick Wilder · · Boulder, CO · Joined Jan 2005 · Points: 4,086

As Mountain Project begins its 16th year (20th if you count!), it's really amazing to see what our passionate group has created. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished: a quarter million routes viewed by millions of climbers each year - just incredible.

My goal for Mountain Project has always been the same: to create a platform to share, find, and get the most out of rock climbing. With the help of thousands of contributors, we’ve built something amazing.  

Today, Mountain Project continues that mission by embarking on a new chapter. I’m excited to announce that Adventure Projects has joined onX, a pioneer in outdoor digital navigation based in Montana. 

Similar to Mountain Project, onX’s mission is to awaken the adventurer in everyone. The company has a history of protecting public lands and promoting access to the outdoor landscapes we all enjoy. Millions of recreationists rely on onX to get off the beaten path and do so confidently and safely. 

By pairing Mountain Project with onX’s deep and talented tech team, and commitment to public access, we have the opportunity to empower more rock climbers to find new climbing adventures. That is why we started this site, and why so many of you have contributed to this community for the past two decades. 

In 2021, we will begin a new journey that not only ensures the longevity of Mountain Project and the other Adventure Projects sites, but also enables us to evolve into the future. 

So what does this mean for you? I am working with onX to explore how we can continue to improve Mountain Project. Following this note, onX’s VP of Product Management will introduce himself and ask you what improvements you’d like to see. 

Happy holidays and happy climbing, everyone! 

- Nick

Chris Hamilton · · Unknown Hometown · Joined 21 days ago · Points: 0

Hi Mountain Project Community,

As Nick announced, Mountain Project is joining onX. 

onX is a pioneer in outdoor digital navigation based in Montana, and the team is made up of over 200 outdoor enthusiasts, including myself. I’ve been a climber for over 35 years - climbing everything from rock and ice to mountaineering around the world - and I’ve relied on Mountain Project to discover and explore new routes and climbing areas.

The onX mission is to awaken the adventurer in everyone. We do this by developing navigational software that millions of outdoor enthusiasts rely on to go further into the backcountry, safely and confidently. 

As a company, we also invest in land access initiatives to expand and protect open spaces. And we believe that the more people who experience their own off-the-beaten-path awakening, the more likely they are to join us in protecting these spaces for the future.

We are excited about working with Mountain Project and all the Adventure Projects, and many of our employees and executives at onX are Mountain Project members. You have an amazing thing going, and we are impressed with the unrivaled community you have built together. 

We believe in getting as many people into the outdoors as we can. And we also want to give you the best possible user experience. In that vein, the Mountain Project website will continue to inspire climbers as it always has, without a paywall. 

In the future, onX may decide to update and improve the Mountain Project app user experience. That investment will require engineering expertise, customer service support, and numerous other resources. Those new app features and functionality may require a membership to access. 

But know that in the near future, your access to the site and the app will not change. 

This collaboration between onX and Adventure Projects is brand new, and, as you can imagine, we are still working through many details. We’re interested in what you want to see in the Mountain Project product in the future, and would love to hear your suggestions. If you have questions about this announcement or ideas for the future, please send me a PM.

Happy Holidays,

-Chris Hamilton, onX VP of Product Management

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