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Trevor Taylor · · Seattle · Joined Jun 2018 · Points: 120

Long story short, I was attempting to go to mine wall to boulder. I got kinda of lost and ended up bushwacking through clear cut but eventually found the wall. I think I came back down the approach recommended in the Washington bouldering book. I have two questions, first the approach recommended in the guidebook appears to be on private land. The road had many signs that said private property (It was getting dark and figured trespassing superseded my desire to not freeze to death), there were cameras and the structure I walked passed was kinda weird. Is there an agreement with the landowner to trespass on their property? Or is there an alternative trail? Or should we actually not be going to this wall? Below is a picture of the land, yellow is logging land and the not yellow is the land owned by a couple. 

Secondly when I showed up to mine wall I was upset that I even brought a crash pad, because the wall looked phenomenal. Are there any more routes than the two listed on mountain project? I didn't inspect the wall that thoroughly but seemed like it could become a great sport wall in a valley that is mostly trad climbs with bolts thrown in occasionally. I am available to help put in a trail or whatever else needs to be done.
Jon Nelson · · Redmond, WA · Joined Sep 2011 · Points: 5,360

When we went there, we drove along the road that branches left off FS 62. Even then, there was a gate, but it was not fully locked, so we could open it (closing it again behind us). Back then there were no structures or cameras. I don't know what the bouldering guidebook says. Seems like a good trail would be a lot shorter than walking the road.

Indeed, there is lots of rock potential there. To the right of the established line was a line being worked on by, I think, B. Hull, but that was a long time ago. Eric H- would know more about it. You might email him. Far to the left is an immense roof. Legend has it that a fellow once aided it (probably decades ago). 

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