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Feature Request: "Attempts" or "Project" for Tick List

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Brian Mack · · Bend, OR · Joined May 2019 · Points: 0

On the Tick List, I would like a way to designate routes which I attempted, but did not complete.  These might be long term projects, or routes where I couldn't quite link the moves on toprope, or didn't complete all the way on lead.  This will help me keep track of my unfinished business in each area, and also complement the climbing journal.  This feature would differ from the "To Do" list, which I use to plan all of the exciting routes I want to try before arriving in a new area.

Similar has been suggested in the past:

Implementation could be an additional selection on the Tick List (along with TR, Lead, etc.), possibly giving the option of including the number of attempts for projects.  How are people currently tracking projects / fails?

Nick Sweeney · · Spokane, WA · Joined Jun 2013 · Points: 777

Lead/Fell/Hung isn't enough?

Chris C. · · Seattle, WA · Joined Mar 2016 · Points: 337

+1 for the feature request.  It makes a lot of sense for alpine climbs.  

I track my failed attempts offline (along with all my climbs), sometimes to laugh at, but also because often those attempts were harder and more interesting than the successes. For seeing other folks' failed attempts, it could be useful to see seasonal conditions.

Nathan Z · · Sacramento, CA · Joined Oct 2017 · Points: 11


Kyle Smith · · Southern Nevada · Joined Sep 2016 · Points: 1,119

I just mark a route as "Lead: Fell/Hung" and put in the notes details about my attempts. If I want to return to it then it goes on the "To-Do" list along with all the climbs I haven't yet attempted but want to.

To me that seems to be what you are looking for, I don't quite understand how what you are suggesting is different than that.

Dane Butler · · Boulder, CO · Joined Oct 2014 · Points: 5

This would be a nice feature

Nick Henscheid · · Tucson, AZ · Joined Feb 2013 · Points: 301

I would add that it would be nice to be able to check a box to have a route not included in tick totals, or at least be able to filter tick totals by “sends” versus “attempts”.  

Mike K · · Unknown Hometown · Joined May 2019 · Points: 0

+1 for this feature

Brian Mack · · Bend, OR · Joined May 2019 · Points: 0
Nick S wrote: Lead/Fell/Hung isn't enough?

One could use Lead/Fell/Hung for this purpose, sure.  It probably comes down to personal style and what counts as a tick.  For me, there's a big difference between linking all of the moves and getting to the top in some degree of style (onsight / redpoint / hangdogging), vs. say, getting shutdown repeatedly at the crux and lowering.  And suppose that works for lead, but what if I don't even have the moves clean on TR?

Adding "attempted" creates three clean distinct states of being on MP; one for prospecting "to-do" lists, one for projecting, one for completing.

Other suggestions here are good as well, esp. if there is a way to use Fell/Hung but not have it included in your official tick-list totals.
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