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STOLEN: Everything Climbing related that I have ever owned....racks, ropes, harnesses, aid gear, ice gear, you name it... all in one shot....

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codythompson17 · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2014 · Points: 0

HI everyone,

This is an extreme long shot but I recently had my van/ house stolen along with every piece of gear that I own in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

It was stolen Wednesday Morning August 6th, 2019 between 1230am - 5am parked on Memorial Drive and 5th St. NW and found completely empty in Penbrook SE Calgary a week later. They even cut the bed in half to get it out and stole the licence plate. My insurance company isn't covering anything and the police can't do much so it is up to me to attempt to track down my gear.

I'm not really expecting to get anything back at this point but any suggestions of where to look or if you spot any of the gear or markings I would greatly appreciate it. I will attach some photos at the end of this message including some of the gear that was stolen.

*** Some of the stolen items from the vehicle, especially tools, climbing gear and guidebooks can be identified by the markings ‘CT’, ‘CJT’, ‘#17’, ‘THOMPSON*** Also either red/ white/ blue electrical tape band or purple/ turquoise tape around tools and gear***

Lost Climbing gear

  • North Face duffle bag (faded grey, tan handles) (photo attached)
  • Black Diamond 9.9mm rope (60m - blue)
  • Edelrid Eagle Light Pro dry rope (9.5mm - green)
  • Black Diamond Aspect harness (blue, m-l)
  • Arcterex harness (maroon/dark grey m-l)
  • Petzel hand ascenders (L & R) (photo attached)
  • Grivel hand ascender (R)
  • Wren soloist (red) (photo attached)
  • Petzel Micro traction (orange) (photo attached)
  • Kong/ duck rope capture device (colour speckled black)  (photo attached)
  • 4 Pulleys 
  • 12 Black Diamond Ice screws 
  • V thread hook 
  • Piton hammer (old Chouinard, blue handle) (photo attached)
  • Petzel Meteor lll climbing helmet (grey)
  • Black diamond atc belay device (black/ white)
  • 15 Pitons 
  • 50+ carabiners
  • Two full cam racks from #00 to #4 (mostly Black Diamond and Metolious cams) (triples of #1, #2, #3 Black Diamond and #1 & #2 Metolious cams)
  • #5 Black Diamond cam 
  • #3.5 Black Diamond cam (old model) 
  • Trango Big bro (purple - #2 ((aprox. size of a #4 camalot)) (photo attached)
  • 2 nut tools (1 Wild Country pro key, 1 wrapped in cord, black)
  • Climbing tape, chalk, cam lube and brushes.
  • DMM climbing K-pro rope protector. 
  • 50m of various rope (cord) lengths (1mm to 11mm) 
  • Three full sets of nuts to #13 (mostly Black Diamond including some offsets and random extras)
  • Full set of DMM brass nuts 
  • Gear slings (one is old purple\black shoulder sling)
  • Multiple anchors, quad, triple, double and single length slings (mostly spectra) ***most slings marked withe three black dots ‘•••’ 
  • Quick links 
  • Multiple prusiks/ hollow blocks 
  • 20 Locking carabiners 
  • Grigri 2 (orange)
  • Grigri (grey)
  • 17 alpine draws 
  • 20 quickdraws 
  • 2 Grivel Ice axes (black & yellow)
  • Grivel Eagle ice axe (black/yellow grip (photo attached
  • ‘TC Pros’ climbing shoes (size 40.5 or 41.5)
  • La Sportiva Testarossa climbing shoes (size 40.5 or 41.5)
  • Black diamond chalk bag (red)
  • Arcteryx chalk bag (blue)
  • Red Arcteryx Alpha FL 45L backpack (crampon holes)
  • MSR dromedary 4L (black)
  • Black Diamond sprinter headlamp (orange)
  • Canada rock guidebook (mostly covered in duct tape)
  • Banff rock guidebook 
  • Various other climbing guidebooks (most with THOMPSON written on edge of pages)
***Please contact Cody Thompson if anything is found, I would even gladly purchase back a lot of these items as they mean allot to me.
(403) 978 4487

Thanks for taking the time, I really appreciate it.

Take care.


mediocre · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Jul 2013 · Points: 0

I can’t help you but you’re the first person I’ve seen with that same ice axe.
I keep debating about getting something lighter but so many good memories with that thing. 

Sirius · · Oakland, CA · Joined Nov 2003 · Points: 616

Painful to read, gah. So sorry this nightmare happened to you, and I hope you get it all back.

Insurance, nothing??

Bill Kirby · · San Francisco CA · Joined Jul 2012 · Points: 480

Super sorry to hear this and will keep an eye out in the Bay area but:... Calgary? really? 

avk · · Unknown Hometown · Joined May 2006 · Points: 10

I'm so sorry that happened! Do you have home insurance? I think personal items are covered by home insurance even though it's stolen in the van/car.

codythompson17 · · Unknown Hometown · Joined Feb 2014 · Points: 0

Thanks for the kind messages, I appreciate it big time...

I only had basic insurance that does not cover contents or theft and being the seasonal tumbleweed that I am, the van was my home... thus, no home insurance.
My bad completely and I've certainly learned some lessons.
For all you other tumbleweeds out there, If your gonna go for the cheap basic insurance plan and risk it for all the biscuits like I did, I suggest at minimum a GPS tracker bug you can plant somewhere on your vehicle. Unfortunately, I was researching these a few months before the van was stolen and didn't pull the pin to buy one in hopes of saving the all mighty dollar for cams and other shiney things us climbers buy.

I suggest hanging onto that beauty. I also have many fond memories with that old Eagle. You should keep it for those special flights.

cheers gang.


Thomas Gilmore · · Golden, CO · Joined Feb 2014 · Points: 95

Another FYI: a lot of renter insurance policies will also cover stolen items in your car so you don't exactly need home owners insurance. You can get about $20k in insurance for about $15 a month...use a friend's address with whom you are "living" with...

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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