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Highlining Prohibited at CoR and Castle Rocks

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From the CoR Facebook page:

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Ty Gregory · · Salt Lake City · Joined Nov 2007 · Points: 115

Good.  Slacklining hoodlums belong in the park.

Bag els · · SLC · Joined May 2019 · Points: 80
Ty Gregory wrote: Good.  Slacklining hoodlums belong in the park.

I mean do they? Do climbers belong in the Gym? 

I mean one of us is trying to reach the top of the rock via some imaginary route and the other is trying to cross a span. Both bring joy and a respect for the outdoors. Although the slackline community is something i no longer want to be a part of I don't think they're any different from climbers in the fact that they love the locations they're at, they're trying to push themselves and all they want to do is succeed in an achievement that is so contrived it's funny.

COR reserves the right to do just this, and I hope the highline community can reach out to the higher ups over there and work something out. I believe that 90% of highliners have no malicious intent in the area's that they walk in. Same with climbers. There will be too many bolts placed, bolts chopped. yada yada yada. I believe the COR is just trying to get ahead of this and trying to feel it out as how they can best go about this.

Don't be single minded, the city doesn't belong to climbers. It belongs to those who enter its boundary. 
Allen Sanderson · · On the road to perdition · Joined Jul 2007 · Points: 1,188

As someone who worked on the establishment of the CMP for the reserve I might be able to shed a little light on what is going on (though I have not spoken to anyone at the reserve).

New uses at a NPS unit are always an issue. One of the reasons for the establishment of the CoR was the historical view shed as it relates to the Oregon Trail. Agree or disagree with it, that guides many decisions such as the closure to Twin Sisters to climbing. At the same time there are rules in place for the placement of fixed anchors but only as they apply to climbing routes. With people wanting to slack/high line it hits all three of these points, new use, view shed, and fixed anchors.  So until compatibility can be determined, it is temporarily prohibited.

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I sure do hate it when highlines ruin my view... And they get left up overnight, or for the weekend. Same kind of BS as drones,  crag dogs, and climbers who have to scream back and forth twice for every point of communication. 

Guideline #1: Don't be a jerk.

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