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Chart for Comparing Cam Sizes in Your Rack

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So I have a franken-rack, made up of all kinds of different cams, and I like it that way. However, I wanted to visually see how the sizes compared and how new or booty cams might fit in with the rest of the rack, so I created this chart to see how the sizes compare. The range data is per the manufacturer's specs. Yes, I realize it may not be usable range, but still, it helps paint the picture. I'm sure everyone knows their rack very well, but if you're like me and like visuals on how the sizes compare, you can download this spreadsheet from here and modify with the info from your own rack. Probably most useful for those that have mixed brands like myself. And yes, I also realize that others have previously created similar charts, but just thought I'd share mine. If it isn't useful for you, don't download. It also has a smaller chart with only the small cams to get better resolution on BD .4 and smaller sizes.

And if you're thinking that I have too much time on my hands, well..... you may be right. Or at least I did when I originally created this

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