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MCP finger injury advice

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Brian Vanderwende · · Boulder, CO · Joined May 2016 · Points: 20

Since the end of March, I've been dealing with an injury to my middle finger metacarpophalangeal joint. I jammed the finger while bouldering in the gym. I believe it to be a relatively minor ligament injury, perhaps to the collateral ligament or to the sagittal band, as I have full motion in the finger and nothing is odd except for pain. As far as climbing goes, which I haven't done much of, crimping is totally fine - it's holding onto jugs and rope/gear management that irritates it, and that irritation gets worse the longer a session goes.

I've seen both my GP and a hand orthopedic about this, and they've had me buddy taping the finger but otherwise no treatment. They've advised that it can take a long time... 6-12 months to fully heal. And I could deal with that if it seemed to be progressing, but I'm at over three months now and it feels very similar to when I first injured it. Nobody wants to do an MRI, so I'm not sure exactly what the issue is.

Has anyone here dealt with MCP injuries? If so, did you pinpoint what was wrong and how did your recovery go? Did you climb while waiting for it to heal?


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