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Where to buy climbing shoes near Boston?

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Josh Rappoport · · Somerville, MA · Joined Sep 2017 · Points: 26

I am in the market for some new climbing shoes and the selection near Boston (at least where I have looked) has been relatively limited
Are there any stores anyone can recommend?
I am happy to drive a bit (maybe not all the way to N Conway though)

Nick Metzger · · Chattanooga, TN · Joined Aug 2014 · Points: 422

Local Store
Robert Hall · · North Conway, NH · Joined Aug 2013 · Points: 19,197

The REI's have a reasonable (but not totally extensive) selection.

Brian · · North Kingstown, RI · Joined Sep 2001 · Points: 747

Have you tried Rock Spot climbing gym?  They have a pretty good selection of shoes.  They also have shoe demo days where you can try out different makes and models and then buy them there or online.

Etha Williams · · Somerville, MA · Joined May 2018 · Points: 314

Nowhere is really great. REI, Rockspot, and Metrorock all have a decent but not extensive selection. CRG probably does too, but I haven’t tried them yet. Don’t bother with BKB unless you are very interested in Butora shoes—they don’t stock any other brands.

Agree with Brian that Rockspot’s demo days are pretty good. I think they usually hold them in the spring and fall (but am not 100% sure about that).

Tbh, I usually resort to ordering a bunch from backcountry and dealing with the returns, especially since selection in my size (37) tends to be pretty limited in-store.

unknown user · · Boston, MA · Joined Jan 2019 · Points: 0

REI near Fenway has a decent selection, maybe like a dozen different shoes, but like someone else said its not anything too extensive. There's an REI in Reading, and one in Warwick, RI too. IME in North Conway might have a wider selection, I'm not sure, I didn't look at climbing shoes last time I was there. They usually have a solid selection of cheap used shoes on consignment in the basement though.

There are a TON of gyms around here though that sell shoes and might have different selections. Rock Spot, Metro Rock, Brooklyn Boulders, Central Rock...They all sell shoes and their selections are a little different from one another.

Josh Rappoport · · Somerville, MA · Joined Sep 2017 · Points: 26

Central Rock seems to have mostly Evolv. REI in Boston has a wide but not too deep selection. I guess I will try Rock Spot...

anna.gutwin · · Burlington, VT · Joined Apr 2013 · Points: 75

Check out Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington VT - the most badass selection of outdoor gear in the north east!

James Bing · · Boston, MA · Joined Jan 2019 · Points: 0

How’s the selection at kittery trading post?

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